Algoma University

Algoma University is the smallest university in Ontario. Now let us tell you what that means for you.

You’ll hear a lot of schools in Ontario talk about their small class sizes, even going so far as to give average class sizes in the 20’s. What you won’t hear is a guarantee that you will never be in a class with more than 65 students. Yes, even in your first year.

We are a small, undergraduate institution in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our beautiful campus is situated at the heart of the Great Lakes, with St. Mary’s River separating us from USA. Established in 1964, and granted our charter in 2008, Algoma University has been offering undergraduate studies to students for almost 50 years.

Algoma U is a small university where you’ll get a big education. With over 30 academic programs in a diverse range of fields, you can choose to be broad-based, or to specialize, depending on where your ambitions lie. You will receive an individualized and personalized education, and will benefit from one-on-one time with our knowledgeable and caring faculty and staff. And, as our students will tell you, the relationships you develop with faculty and staff will help you to find a job, gain access to graduate programs, or whatever else you decide to do beyond your time here.

Our students also benefit from learning in a cross-cultural and diverse community. We embrace our special mission to cultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal communities and other groups. We live, learn, study, and work together.

We are growing, but not too big, and not too fast. We are committed to maintaining our competitive advantage: that is our personal attention to you, and our commitment to your success. We think those are the cornerstones of a positive university experience.

So explore Algoma University, whether online or by coming to campus for a visit. You’ll find we offer something different than what you’ll get elsewhere in Ontario; a truly small university committed to giving you a big education.

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