Work in Canada While Stuaying and Become a Citizen

Becoming a Canadian citizen after getting an education in Canada is now easier. After graduation, the Canadian Ministry of Immigration has enabled people who cooperate with Canada and fulfil the requirements to become Canadian citizen.

Students who completed college, university, masters or Phd degree in Canada firstly get their residence permit, and through this way, they become a citizen.  This program is called; Canadian Experience Class. The Canadian government accepts the applications of the people who came to Canada for education purposes with this program, since it supposes these people to both create employment and contribute to the immigration program that the country needs.  This program involves all university level students and it is also greatly beneficial for the further life of the students who want to get an education in Canada.

At the beginning and the first phase of the program, students have the right work part-time during their studies, and when they complete their studies, by receiving a right for the full-time work permit for 1 to 3 years depending on their study program duration, they get an international work experience.

Today, getting an education in Canada and having an international work experience, creates a big advantage for Turkish students not just in Canada, but also in Turkey.

After the work and study experience provided in Canada, the Canadian Government continues it’s immigration program for people who get an education in Canada, according to the Canadian Experience Program, for applicant qualified students, to win them to this system through first residence permit, then with citizenship rights, and to develop it’s already existing immigration program.

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