University of Toronto

International Students Talk About University of Toronto;

Welcome to the School.
We’re here to expand horizons, advance careers and help create a more rewarding future for all Canadians through lifelong learning.

In developing the School’s five-year strategic plan we undertook a thorough review of the economic, demographic and technological forces that are shaping the needs of adult learners and inspiring new directions in lifelong learning. And then we asked our students, instructors, staff and other partners how we can evolve to better address today’s priorities while pursuing our bold vision: to be a global leader in university continuing education.

Our key strategic directions for 2012–2017:

Innovate to meet the learning needs of today and tomorrow.
Expand access to exceptional learning experiences.
Ensure academic quality, educational excellence and a supportive learning environment.
Drive quality and growth by building the necessary organizational capacity, resources and relationships.

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