ELS Language Centers

ELS Toronto video;

Over the past 50 years, ELS has helped more than 1,100,000 students from 175 countries around the world learn English and with over 60 locations throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia (over 50 located on university campuses), ELS provides students with a wide variety of options ranging from intensive English programs and university placement assistance to executive business programs and vacation learning options.

Building on many years of experience, ELS has developed our own unique curriculum, textbooks and branded language-learning software to help students master English. With proven teaching methods, highly qualified teachers, and our own carefully designed curriculum—offering 12 levels of instruction—ELS ensures academic success.

With headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, ELS is the largest recruiter of international students for US and Canadian colleges, universities and postgraduate programs. Over 650 universities across the USA, Canada, and Australia recognize completion of ELS Level 112 as proof of the English language proficiency necessary for admission. ELS graduates go on to become successful educators, business people and government leaders in their home countries.  But the greatest testament to ELS’s success is our alumni who each year entrust the education of their sons and daughters to ELS.

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